Healthy Well Being through Pets

According to a 2005 study, owning pets can be good for your health! Pets are a welcomed companion for seniors that provide a meaningful outlet for companionship. The emotional bond between pet owners and their pets can be as strong as a human friendship. Studies have shown that people that are pet owners have better rates of recovery from serious illnesses.  Senior pet owners demonstrate better physical and psychological well-being than their counterparts who do not care for a pet. Caregivers can help foster positive and safe connections between seniors and pets in the following ways:

  • Recognize and respect the bond between senior and pet. It is important that caregivers recognize that a pet may be a significant member of the senior’s family. Providing for the needs of a pet is a way that caregivers can show that they love and care for the things that are important to seniors.
  • Help seniors care for their pet. Seniors can gain a sense of accomplishment from caring for the needs of a pet, such as grooming or training. Caregivers can ensure that the more difficult tasks of care, such as toileting needs, are cared for promptly.
  • Maintain a clean environment. Furry friends in the home mean that cleaning may need extra care. Caregivers can provide a clean home environment to give seniors peace of mind knowing that their home is hygienic and safe.
  • Share the joy of pets with others. Seniors love to share their well-loved pets with others. Caregivers can provide a safe environment for senior’s friends to enjoy the company of a pet.